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Vital Health in solidarity with: Autism: Theories, therapies and a world within

April was Autism Month – and while you may be wondering why a whole month is dedicated to highlighting this particular disorder, you might want to consider some sobering facts about this somewhat baffling condition that until recently, has puzzled science. Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neuro developmental disorder characterised by lack of communication skills…
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From mediocre to exceptional: Building your own professional financial advisory practice

If you’re qualifying as a financial advisor and dreaming of building your own financial practice but uncertain of the next step – there are some key pointers to consider when putting your vision into action, all of which if handled correctly, can take you from mediocre to exceptional. Like any business, you’ll need a plan…
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Personal Wealth Management: The keen, the canny, and the know-how

How you retire actually depends on how you live and dream.  So for those of you still dreaming of that perfect job, the streamlined yacht and an island getaway, you may need to up your stakes in the development of personal wealth as soon as you can.  To build a future you need more than…
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Efficient Group has concluded two transactions in terms of which Efficient Financial Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Efficient Group, will acquire the business of Vital Consult as a going concern, and the Efficient Group will acquire the entire issued share capital of Vital Consult Wealth. The effective date of both acquisitions is 1 March…
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  • Unique broker platform

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  • Product specialists from the "Health", "Vitality", "Life", "Invest", "Grouplife" and "Short term" service desks

  • Marketing and sales assistance (Including appointment setting and prospecting)

  • Professional affiliations

  • Each advisor has a dedicated Broker Consultant from the product providers, as well as from Vital Consulting Services.

  • Continued professional development training

  • Atwork and Inhouse CRM system