Vital Consult

Benefits of joining the Vital Consult team:

Maximum Commission:

You do the work, you build the relationship, you invest your time and Intellectual Property, so we believe that you deserve the commission. The client is yours, not ours. 

Compliance Monitoring:

We manage the reporting and administration to the Compliance Officer to make sure you remain accredited and up to date and minimise industry related red tape. 

Client Prospecting:

We don’t believe in cold calling. We use innovative marketing techniques to identify new clients and start meaningful conversations with them in order to add value to their lives. This process will ensure more qualified leads. 

Specialist Advisers:

Get access to specialist advisers who provide professional and specialised advice on niche products, you still get the commission. 

Client Education:

By engaging with your target audience in this way we will educate them regarding their financial needs in order to ensure that our products meet the demand. 

Broker Consultant:

You become an independent consultant that will advise on each product house and provide the latest up to date product information.   

Professional Affiliation:

You will belong to a group of professionals that have the same goals in mind and will keep abreast of the latest developments in the financial services industry to ensure that you offer your clients the most innovative solutions for their diverse needs.